Prospective SELLERS

When selling your home, I understand that you have options of who to hire as your real estate expert. You may also be considering the option of selling your home yourself. Whether you choose to hire a real estate expert or take on this process personally there is quite a bit of homework that goes into a successful real estate transaction.

The following items are a few things to consider throughout the process:

Property Specifics – Make sure you are well informed about the specifics of your property such as square footage, lot size, and any associated taxes.

Current Local Market Trends – Research comparable properties to verify what your local market is selling for. Consider any unique sale terms that you are noticing with these comparable properties.

Determining Price – This is one of the most crucial milestones of a transaction. Make sure you are making the decision of a listing price based on factual data and what the market says buyers are willing to pay for a home in your area.

Inspections – Always perform a walk-through of your property’s interior and exterior noting items that can easily be fixed or repaired. Items such as fresh paint or landscaping can add to the curb appeal and increase traffic.

Your hired real estate expert should be able to provide you with all of this information along with services such as a Marketing Strategy, Advertisement, and Open House coordination.

As a client of mine, I not only support the sell of your home by offering a complete marketing team but provide you with a data-supported strategy on how to obtain top dollar for your home. This ensures you are making the most informed decision possible.